What We Do

Orkay Designs spaces from conception through construction, furniture procurement, artwork and graphics. Orkay is a full service Interior & Modular Design firm.

Scope Of Work

  • Preliminary site inspection, visual clues and site conditions.
  • Detailed discussions of key area and its requirements with consultants and the clients.
  • Construction drawings for utilities and accessories like security and fire, Air-conditioning / Electrical, plumbing etc., in coordination with the consultant.
  • BOQ for furniture works, Interior works.
  • Site visits and biweekly meeting with all vendors. Slip up if any with time details and quality and hence corrections. Interior Design, Art and Signage programs
  • Preparation of required interior layout for approval based on guidelines issued by you, keeping in view the work culture and the Corporate Identity of the company.
  • Handing over the project as in accordance with the requirement.
  • Also we take up on turnkey Interior and Exterior solutions.

Our Industries & Services